Avoiding Injury: 5 Mistakes in Buying Trail Running Shoes

For some beginner like you, it is common to have some mistakes in buying trail running shoes. You may only think about just run without thinking much that the wrong one may hurt you.

Sometimes some runners only think about how it would look good on your feet, but think about how good it feels too.

Since every sport is about being comfortable in the long run, avoid any mistakes like down below if you don’t want to end up using crutches from your sprain ankle.

Running Injury

5 Mistakes Runners Make When Buying Trail Running Shoes

1. You fail to understand the volume and the length of the shoes.

The volume of the shoes is the space inside the shoes, most people asked for length rather than volume when their shoes aren’t fit enough. Slip your finger in-between the shoelaces to find out if its fit or not.

When you tie your shoe, the shoe must not feel bad, and you can fit for up until two fingers between the shoelace since one is too tight while three is too loose.

Trail running

2. You don’t measure your feet.

In any sports store, they have special measurement tool to find out the perfect trail running shoes for you. It is partly the staff fault if they don’t offer you this service.

Since sport can’t be done with any standard gear, you better ask for a good shoe with the right measurement from the staff. The measurement tool is called the Brannock that measure the length from the heels up to the toes, and the length of the foot. Also, it measures the bendiness of the foot,

3. You get influenced by bad reviews.

Is it from your community, or from reviews of the internet, every human foot is different, and the reviews not always fit your needs as well. When you consider people’s advice, remember that his/her feet are different, and you better match that with your feet also.

Some people may claim to be an expert in their running community, but maybe they are only the expert on themselves. A trustworthy review may come only from your doctor or the senior staff that work in the specialty sports store.

4. You used the shoes too long.

Most of the good trail shoes are still effective when running for as far as 800kilometres. But there are many runners that don’t document their feet with their shoes. Using expired shoes from a distance can make your feet hurt.

The first signs to change the shoes is when you start to feel mini sprain in certain areas or when you see the soles are getting worn out, and the foam are not flat anymore. Nevertheless, buying trail running shoes regularly (not often) will help you avoid any injury.

Hopefully, by reading this article, you now know how to pick and avoid any mistakes if you happen to begin to run. Types of running may boost your spirit to go running, and currently, there is this one run that is very popular right now, especially in countries with beautiful natures.