The onset of social media gave rise to many trends. From selfies to hashtags, the list goes on. Another of these highly popular trends is food photography.

This domain used to be the exclusive realm of professional food photographers. Food looking its best also used to be for marketing and advertising purposes. Or possibly for recipe books. Not anymore.

In fact, some might even say that food photography has already gone a bit too far, with such things like lighting and composition going out the window.

The Right Way to Do It

Using phone cameras can yield some very surprising results, both good and bad. Iphones are known for their sharp contrast and quick shutter speed. But how to help dog with arthritis pain these alone are not enough to make food look its best. The smartest way to do it is keeping in mind some key elements in photography. Check the list below of six very simple reminders when immortalizing your creations.

  1. Lighting is top priority. Natural is always best so it might be a good idea to position the dish near windows. Some flash bouncing off the walls to eliminate shadows is also a good idea.
  2. Food photography highlights the food’s best traits. A pie hot from the oven will always look better than a pie left out in the open for even just half an hour. Snap quickly and be sure to get the angles correct. The more of its characteristics are shown, the better. Sometimes a detail shot or a macro shot of the dish can give sumptuous results.
  3. Reduce clutter. Extra napkins in the foreground and pots and pans in the background might not always work. Focus on the dish and only use the surrounding environment to highlight the dish. Not the other way around.
  4. A nice coat of oil on vegetables, for instance, is a great way to make the food look delicious. This makes the food look instantly fresher even it is fresh out of the pan.
  5. Before and after. Raw ingredients put together into one dish makes it look appealing to your audience. Shots of the process give a more complete picture and dramatically increase its visual appeal.
  6. Composition, or the way things are arranged in the photograph itself counts for a lot. A basket of eggs is not just a basket of eggs. Show the shapes of the eggs, contrast it with the basket lining. Pick the basket. Pick the perfect shades of eggs.