I am not a cat person for generic reasons. I like dogs better although I am not exactly a dog owner. Overall, I think cats tend to be aggressive and have too much attitude. They aren’t very humble and they usually steal food. But later in my life I realized that feline attitude is very natural and is just a matter of cause-and-effect. They aren’t always aggressive. In fact, cats are as good as a pet as dogs.

I think they just have more trust issues than dogs. It takes a lot to earn their trust. But when you do, it is rewarding. I have discovered this when there was a stray cat that always enters our home. It is pretty normal for stray cats to attempt to enter our kitchen and get food. We always try hard to keep that from happening. Not that we don’t want them fed, it’s just a big commitment to start feeding them because we might end up with tens of cats.

But there is this one cat who we kind of liked immediately because of her cute color. We fed her well and sort of adopted her in the long run. She actually turned out to be a gentle feline. She never looks angry and aggressive like how I think cats normally do.

That is when I come to a conclusion that cats simply reciprocate what you show to them. When you are in distrust and let out a bad mood, cats will do the same. If you hate their presence, they also hate yours. They will be more of a pest than a pet if you look at them that way.

If you ever feel annoyed by cats coming over to steal food, keep in mind that they are just animals. Their instinct is to find food. They have got to feed themselves. They do not do it to irritate you, they just have to. If you ever find yourself with a stray cat, think before you shoo them away.

It is never easy to own a pet. In fact, it is one of the biggest commitments you will make. If you think you are not suited to feed and care for a pet, don’t get a pet just yet. But it is also important to keep in mind that we are always capable of loving any pets. And they are also capable of loving us back a hundred times more. We just got to show some compassion and care.